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  1. What’s the FPS on that air rifle anyway, and caliber? Seems pretty
    effective at small birds & probably small varmints as well.

  2. It was horrible weather wasn’t it , we carried on and I ender up getting 6
    rabbits and a squirrel , love your videos, keep up the good work :)

  3. Same people different name I am guessing. HSUS is another I don’t care much
    for. Eating some deer backstrap this afternoon when my chick gets off work.
    BBQ will be lit at 4PM sharp. She is home at 445 on the dot.

  4. The RSCPA was actually started up by a fox hunter but today it has been
    infiltrated and taken over by peta type people. Barbq sounds awesome! Its
    raining here …

  5. Fox are like wolves. Its ok to have them in right numbers. If they get out
    of hand forget eating eggs or some meat. I am not a fan of the fur Nazi’s
    or animal rights crowds. I am a fan of legal ethical hunting. If it were
    not for hunters here in the US. There would be no game to hunt. We are the

  6. Yes exactly and hunting them with hounds means only the weakest are taken.
    And yes hunters here spend £500 million every year in conservation. The
    RSPCA spend around £10 million.

  7. Nice bit of shooting there, I usually lose count after 11 or 12, but five !
    Well you did say you had a skin full the night before lol. great video,
    they are getting better and better, keep it up. atb phil

  8. Haha! Yes i was a little delicate yesterday! It seems good hunting at the
    moment as everything is out breeding. I’m glad you think the videos are
    getting better, thanks for watching :)

  9. Well there were a couple I didn’t get a chance for a shot at, but yeah a
    pretty good bag for an hour and a half’s work :)

  10. That would be my Air Arms s310 in .22 calibre, quite rare but its basically
    the same as the s410 only without a safety catch or pressure indicator.
    Thanks for watching :)

  11. People that are against hunting think about it like this if you got lost
    would u eat berries and starve or shoot a bird that was put on this very
    planet for hunting for food and that one bird would let you live longer in
    that situation

    Now pest control do you want those nasty birds pooping and your plants and
    lawn ruined