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  1. The twin turbo swap is coming along great. I have the old na motor out.
    Painted the engine bay, replaced most of the hoses with Z1 silicone hoses.
    New EFI wire harness, motor mounts, ect. should have the tt motor in the
    car by the end of next week, still waiting on radiator, oil cooler, fan,
    and a couple other misc, parts, but winter is coming so no rush

  2. The non shaved front license mount and slotted nosepanel really ruin the
    smoothness and look of the car. Otherwise awesome. You should come fix up
    my old 90 Z. Wish I had the money or experience :(

  3. Yep thats a jspec 99 bumper and yeah I love the sleekness of this car and
    did not want to add anything else to the body. I am also thinking of
    getting new doors in the future to get the door handles back on. I like the
    look with shaved handles but it does get annoying lol

  4. Excelente trabajo, quedo muy bien!. Lastima que le quitaran las chapas de
    las puertas y lastima que no le dejaron la persiana delantera original.

  5. Nice job! I have a 1991 Stillen GTZ (300ZX TT) that was one of 6 built by
    Steve Millen. A similar version of the car was featured on the cover of
    Road & Track. I love these cars. I live in SF now so don’t drive it much.
    It has 103,000 miles on it. I look forward to seeing the progress on your
    car!! Keep up the great work!