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  1. Save some squirrels for me Dave lol good bit of shooting there mate when u
    going out with the RWS 500 rifle lol I be over soon mate when I get my
    daystate huntsman 

  2. Nicely done, Dave! I love the sound of freshly shot squirrels dropping into
    bushes 😉 How do you mount you camera for filming? The results are good
    and I might fancy trying it!

  3. Good to see more great shooting Dave, just look out for birds trying to
    nest in that new hunting gear, had me fooled for a bit.

    atvb t ..

  4. So what is the story with English definitions of pest? In New Zealand our
    pests are all Non-native. So we consider stoats, weasels, ferrets, cats,
    dogs, pigs, deer (and strange exotic alpine large game species), rabbits,
    goats, magpies, non-native ducks and countless waterfowl species from
    Europe and the UK (long live the UK and the commonwealth xxox). Essentially
    most species from Europe are fair game. It seems in the UK you guys kill
    crows and squirrels, things which I would have thought are native to the
    UK. What is the story there?

  5. Is it legal to go to a national park in the UK such as Dartmoor and hunt
    grey squirrels with an air rifle, without going through the effort of
    getting permission?