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  1. What about KOPI?!?!? The sign said that the extermination was safe for
    Minions, Santa, and the Easter Bunny, but not you, so you leave KOPI IN THE

  2. For Doctor Who Fans like myself, EXTERMINATE! EXTERMINATE THE PESTS! THIS
    IS NOT WAR THIS IS PEST CONTROL! Last one is from the end of Season 2 when
    the Daleks (EXTERMINATE) and the Cybermen (Delete) don’t agree on having an

  3. guys ant to join think and his minions like dave fruit loop kevin juliet
    chef byron kirito kopi saurus walle chuchu marshmallow king kong swoopsy
    marcelina and all of the minions and you like them in your world house your
    aweome world in multiplayers in hunger game to help you kill players and
    every and oh i dont know if they gonna help you or whatever isnt tha cool
    and uhm well and guys if want to join think again thinkswife and all the
    noodlers but and you guys and ofcourse ant join kopi the awesome super
    beautifull dog ha guys? and if you want to join think call him or go on his
    house but i dont where his house and oh guys if you kevin dave and all the
    minions call him ok bye see ya later

  4. Hey think remember that cocaracha your freaking
    Out because the name is so funny ok anyway can you
    Please name a boy minion pops and noodle on thanks
    For the name