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  1. Jack you’re a smart guy but framing CO2 emissions simply as a natural
    by-product of animal respiration is a straw man argument and you know it.
    Of course in a balanced ecology there is a natural carbon cycle but dumping
    the stored carbon of millions of years of vegetative growth into the
    atmosphere in 200 years is just not the same thing. This isn’t politics – I
    don’t want a carbon-tax police state – it’s just fact. That said, the
    solutions you advocate (like this) can help to mitigate so kudos.

  2. Trust Africa is not in need of western assistance. Africa is the richest
    continent on the planet and the Africans are helping themselves.

  3. Let me add, I sequester tons of carbon annually with hugul beds, I grow
    about 70% of my own food, I shower with a bucket to conserve water and I
    teach permaculture to thousands of people a day, what exactly do you DO not
    say but DO that makes you better are protecting the environment then me.
    Your typical bullshit doesn’t work on me, I am an environmentalist that
    ACTS instead of talks. What exactly do you do other than run your mouth?

  4. The oceans are heating up because of excess levels of CO2. Don’t act like
    the collective amount of greenhouse gases given off by nature is comparable
    to the levels that have been injected into the atmosphere over the last 50
    years. The proof is in the oceans my friend. Look at the dying reefs, the
    rising water temeperatures, and the high CO2 levels in the water.

  5. Grate minds in the third world countries are from the local population.
    Their hart and success is to stay in their homes and ability to provide for
    their families.
    If the BIG brother get lost from the policy makers of these countries. Then
    no one needs their “expertise” that costs millions for their latest 4 wheel
    vehicles and expenses and salaries, produce a film of their glorifying
    their contribution to humanity, and leaves behind disasters on the

  6. What? Rich nations help poor nations out of poverty?
    Where is the United Nations?
    Where is the wold Bank?
    Where is there anyone willing to do this?
    Bla-bla-bla-bla bullshit.
    Do you see billionaires worrying about the 4 billion poor of the world?
    Do you see corporations helping the poor?
    Do you see asses on the internet doing anything except sitting on their
    Bla-bla-bla bulshit

  7. Such fucken bullshit this…
    Send the Ethiopians to Mars where there is climate change too. Can they fix
    it there too…ITS NOT ALL HUMANS FAULT

  8. I have personally seen permaculture methods reduce water consumption by
    75%, at least on the parts of the fields that these methods have been
    applied to so far. Intercropping, heavy mulching, drip irrigation, and
    fertilization with compost and manure.
    The rest of the acreage will be treated this way over the next few years.