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  1. Is Boric Acid harmful to Cats? Yesterday I put down some DE Food Grade
    under beds, dressers, etc… Last year I used Precor & my female Cat is
    extremely sensitive to chemicals. The Precor got on her Paws from Rug, she
    licked her Paws & started frothing from the mouth. We had to clean the
    entire house to get rid of the Precor. We are at our wits end. Live in
    Panhandle of Florida next to a wooded lots. So that doesn’t help.

  2. How do you mix Boric Acid & Eco Exempt D. Do you apple separately or Pre-
    Mix a solution of both? Equal Parts? And how do you broadcast it? Thanks.
    Great Videos.

  3. You are so great! I’m in Ohio- dog is infested- even after bath- and I get
    bit on the ankles all over the first floor. I’ve been really frightened
    about what it’s gonna take. She was flea-free for six years, but last
    summer was bad, and thus summer is insane. Listening to and watching the 24
    hour video gave me hope and a PLAN. Thank you so much. If you were here,
    I’d hire you!