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  1. Please tell me it isn’t the same Elaine that goes by Eveny119 on your
    channel. That dummy can’t even spell quar so she doesn’t deserve to get
    any. (and yes that was done on purpose)

  2. you should try sprinkling some Cinnamon on your soil. i read online that is
    a good way to get rid of fungus gnats. i tried it today on my Topsy Turvey
    Trees (they like to hide in the soil under the lid). still waiting on
    results. it seemed like everyone who tried it was impressed. some of the
    symptoms are wilting and browning. HEY RAY. can you trade some seeds with
    me. got some rare melons and such!

  3. If you let you pots dry out a little more in between watering it will help
    get rid of fungus nats, also after you water next time cover the entire
    soil surface with diatonomous earth and the holes at the bottom and it will
    get rid of your fungus nat problem.

  4. Cont’d…….my plants, which are exotic/tropical species grown from
    store-bought fruit, hardly resemble cannabis plants! Some British cops
    think they’re Stalin’s secret police! You should have seen the look of
    disappointment on their faces when they discovered that my exotic
    houseplants were NOT cannabis!

  5. Here’s what I do to keep fungus gnats at bay: 1. Use yellow sticky fly
    traps 2. Biological control: I use fungus ‘Gnat Off’, based on baccilus
    thuringinensis sub. israeliensis 3. An suspension of neem oil in water
    (product called ‘Neem Repel’) 4. Before sowing seeds/transplanting, I steam
    my potting mix at 100 degrees Celcius for at least 30 mins. to kill eggs
    and larvae. This also kills beneficial soil fungi, so after steaming I
    innoculate with mycorrhizae granules.

  6. Hey Ray, if you want to try something really cool to kill the fungus gnats,
    you can add isopods (rolley polleys) to the potting soil. They dont cause
    any damage to the plants, and they eat pest eggs

  7. Hmmmmm, i wonder if these will eat fruit fly larvae in my worm factory. I’m
    sure my ratios are wrong but the fruit flies smelled the fruit scraps in my
    worm factory. Not only am i breeding worms now but hundreds of flies.

  8. This is really helpull for beginner indoor grow like me…thank you. I got
    them problem that you were mention…and got that liltle white mite
    Security guard too :)

  9. OMYGOD I am SO happy I watched this video Ray!! I have both fungus gnats
    and I noticed the little creepy little mites in ALL of my plants…. I was
    so worried they would kill my plants but thank you for easing my mind!! :)

  10. Been ratting my brain about these pesttty fungus gnats. Thanks Ray for the
    info on the been oil. Give this a try. Thanks again.