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  1. This produced a long list of questions…
    Use “stripper” on the entire deck… what kind of stripper? I was told the
    best way to clean a deck is a mixture of TSP and water, rinse and then hit
    it with one cup bleach to a gallon of water to kill mold. Stripper is
    acid… careful application and injury prevention was not emphasized.
    Other TOH videos have said not to use a pressure washer on wood. I have a
    cedar deck and if you hold the nozzle of a pressure washer 6″ from the
    deck, it will pull up wood fiber. NO WAY would I go near raw wood with a
    pressure washer.
    The gop they are putting on the deck apparently is too thick for boards
    that are close, so they show cleaning the joint with a putty knife. This
    leaves a ridge of gop on the top of the decking… if you are not supposed
    to go back over the decking with the roller how do you get rid of the ridge
    of gop? Also by going over you could fill the joint back in…
    This should be titled “How to possibly destroy your wood deck”

  2. Not the product for me , too much labour here and that thick finish , no
    thanks anyway I’ll do it the old fashioned way , tsp h20 elbow grease and
    quality Stain brushed and spread with sheepskin type applicator . Thanks
    for demonstration .

  3. strip it and sand it. do not stain it… your wood will stain naturally
    over time and it will be much richer… i hate when people stain wood… 

  4. Wow this looks like bed liner for a truck lol. What we do is clean it and
    wash it with the power washer and then two coats of thompson’s water seal

  5. Tom Silva said not to use a power washer for this purpose in a previous
    video and I don’t know about anyone else but I wouldn’t go against Tom
    Silva’s advise haha.

  6. Love this old house , but that looks like a mess and ugly finish, check the
    reviews on “Deck Restore before you commit. I did Restore A Deck and TWP
    Stain, I flipped my 20 plus year old boards to expose nearly new looking
    boards, saved a ton on replacing the hole deck.

  7. Once that thick sealant is on the wood, any water getting underneath has no
    way to escape and your deck is going to rot away much faster. Sometimes you
    see new coating on the outside studs of hundred years old open timbered
    houses in Germany. Instead of preserving the timber this kills it even
    quicker, as water will get into the studs eventually but can no longer get
    out. The proper way to treat those studs is limewash, which is permeable to
    vapor. On a deck where you walk on, stain would seem most appropriate. This
    video is just a commercial for what seems to be an inferior product based
    on a bad idea, nothing more. A shame that TOH plays along with this.