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  1. Another great video mate, I think I prefer seeing a ratting video to a
    squirrel video but they’re both great. I have a video coming up soon on my
    home made hd recording night vision. It is a how to build video which will
    show you how to build one for around £100. The video quality is second to
    none as you’ll see from one of my already published videos taken from my
    prototype build. Please take a look and let me know what you think.
    Thanks, Jamie.

  2. Great accuracy! Love your vids. I should get into air rifles here in South
    Dakota USA. lots of gophers in my parents yard on their farm. Use a .22 to
    get a few, but scares the rest in there holes. 

  3. If every shot hit home the pest problem would have been eradicated very
    quickly, in the real world as we can see even those with untold years of
    experience do not always hit the mark. Your brother was engrossed in that
    age old pest eradication to worry to much about pin sharp focus glad the
    good brother that you are gave him some slack, Good to see that your
    brother is not the only one who occasional suffers with premature dry fire,
    one more big smile put on my face on a Sunday morning, thank you to you and
    your brother for taking the time to film and post.

    Kindest regards to the both of you.
    Have a good week

  4. yeah rats are not fun or easy to deal with i woke up one night to my old
    bedroom ceiling collapsing on my face and a fat rat fell in my bed safe to
    say neither one of us was looking for a bed partner….. at least my out
    door cat had fun all day when i let him in the house and i was at work :)

  5. I personally like squirrel videos better. Give me references for my pest
    problem. My cats takes care of the rats.

    Still fun to watch these videos 

  6. Rat killing video’s are the best because it highlights your shooting
    skills and their disgusting vermin that need NOT to be on the planet