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  1. I Think That They Are Doing A Great Job @ Clearing The River…
    No Mater What Other People Think ,It’s Always Easy To Comment …
    Great Digging High Hoes ….

  2. I always thought that they should have an X-box game for excavators. At
    least it something they can play with while not working yo keep their
    skills up. like a minecraft/excavator building…

  3. Okay, I understand what he is up to. He isn’t relieving flooding where he
    is digging, building a dam and all, but he is digging deeper into the creek
    to increase the flow to relieve flooding up stream. My older brother and I
    used to do this same thing back when we were boys playing with our Tonka
    Toys. We would then go to hang off the sides of our bunk bed pretending to
    be lineman working on the electrical lines. 

  4. Unbelievable how good such an excavator can drive though rivers. With a
    regular car it would have been dodgy to drive through the water on the road
    already, and that excavator just drives upstream though the middle of the
    current :-)

  5. This in really dangerous. As river in flood is not a place you go anywhere
    near as conditions are constantly changing. What happens if a sudden flood
    surge comes down the narrow canyon, how does the guy get out of the river
    quickly. Even having the other excavator and front end loader on the road
    is stupid. The river is undercutting the road and therefore comprising its
    stability, having two several ton vehicles on top in these conditions is
    like playing Russian roulette. The person in charge of this should be
    charged with endangering people lives.

  6. I can´t see any expert-skills or even fabulous work.
    With those three machines, other skilled workers would have have done that
    within one hour.
    Further more at 12:40 the excavator driver starts to destroy environment at
    the other side of the river. This will cause additional erosion from now on
    and especially within the next flood.

  7. 90CY 3″ minus I would have brought in leave the two small hoes at home and
    use one 345! back filled road edge and then reshaped the creek. couple
    hours and never trouble again! looks like too much fun here they are
    having. Could do it with just one 345 but the 90CY of 3″ minus would work
    out great to build up to work the rest of the river.

  8. non of the operators have any skill.the hoe in the creek is rammy and not
    smooth at all. why did he put his berm in the middle of the creek then
    swing around and start putting it against the road? i will tell you why, he
    doesn’t know what he is doing. what is the other hoe even doing? every time
    the camera goes back to him it doesn’t look like he has accomplished much.
    and why the fuck isn’t that loaded coming with full buckets. skilled to the
    untrained eye. i am a heavy equipment operator and these guys are what we
    call “meat in the seat”

  9. KInd of an odd scene, seems like the guy up river is working rather
    diligently while the other 2 machines are doing almost nothing. just seems
    odd to me.

  10. Why can’t the guy in the bucket loader get bigger loads. Looks like he’s
    just waiting time and fuel.

  11. can someone tell me what really happened? i just saw this video on front
    page and clicked it. is it a landslide or what?

  12. It’s really great to see such a skilled operator at work. Not only does he
    have perfect command of his excavator, but he knows how to use it to fix
    this problem.