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  1. Cheers Porky, shouldn’t be to hard to get a shoot as any older or out door
    (moveable) chuck house will have rats, most people don’t believe how
    effective shooting is, seeing is believing, just get the farmers to view
    vids like this & it should win them over ATB TRC

  2. Thanks, these rats have poisons put down for them every day by the farmer,
    just goes to show how good they are, I always find lead based missiles to
    be best, but we will be sending in our four legged hard toothed death squad
    on cleanout, ATB TRC

  3. What night vision equipment are you using? I’m going to be getting into the
    night vision shooting and filming soon, so I’m in the market to buy. Your
    opinion would be grateful. Thanks.

  4. another cracking vid…i have a nice rat shoot myself i went the other
    night but couldnt record the shooting this time as the mpr unit that plugs
    into my pulsar n550 would’nt record for some reason so its going
    back…keep the vids coming you just never get fed up watching rats being
    shot…atb mate

  5. It’s so nice to hear someone talk sense, Ive just been told god says dont
    kill & that I will burn, in my june video there are some weird folk about

  6. How long does it takes for rats to reproduce to original numbers again ? In
    other words how often you have to visit this chicken farm to shoot them ?

  7. Very nice video!I did some rat shooting today with my dog.Can you tell me
    what is the setup for this video and how much does scope cost?I would like
    to have nice scope on my Diana mod. 24 air rifle

  8. Thanks for the comment, I have to say I dont do god, & I think the story
    was derived as a control mechanism for the masses, Killing is killing,
    human or not, murder is a word for the justice system, All living things
    possess a soul, what humans possess is an uncontrolable mind, Animals are
    fundamentally basic, Humans are clever but with the basic desires which
    have manifested into greed etc, now humans are cruel & dangerous. Humanely
    killing is a good thing