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  1. 10! What a great day. Very entertaining indeed and 20 minutes long! I had
    to have a second coffee with this one. The fat one, I wonder, if you feed
    them with high protein carp pellets, how fat you could actually get them?
    It would be an amazing site if they were as big as rabbits sat on your
    feeder ledges? Challenge SH??

  2. Another brilliant video great to watch with tea and toast first thing
    Sunday morning .
    You have acquired and avid fan !!! lol
    One point are you going to put a sloping roof on the feeders from now on
    to stop a recurrence of a corpse playing spook on your sport.
    Thanks again super stuff. 

  3. Great video again mate, plus great camera footage of the surroundings you
    shoot in.
    Atb, paul

  4. Another awesome video SH! :)

    Maybe in the future you can mount up another camera to the top of the
    feeder and make it so that the camera is looking down onto the feeder post.

  5. What tripod do you use for the camcorder mate? Never got round to asking
    you that. Ps, i only text you cos i know you get lonely in them woods
    mate..!!! lol

  6. What good shooting, that sir was top class entertainment and the vid
    quality was superb good to see VERY accurate marksmanship as always nice to
    see you enjoy the wild animals and take the time to film them for us.
    Question what does the scouts do with the frozen meat ?? do they eat them ?
    when you hand them over.
    Steve Bristol “OOO AR my luver :) hehehe

  7. Forgot to say I’ve just started a Element Customs a hydrographic dipping
    company. As part of this we camouflage hunting equipment. Would it be
    possible you could give us a mention?? We are in Facebook. :) 

  8. Just wondering if you eat them? They are rather tasty little guys.
    Its my understanding that the grays s squirrels was introduced to England
    and they are not native, can you tell me if I’m right please or wrong.
    Also are they that huge of a problem in England.
    Here in Ontario Canada we have black & grays and they are no problem for us
    in town.
    When we hunt them we go to the country side.
    I see that air rifles are very popular in the UK can you use rimfire rifles
    to hunt with or are the firearms laws crazy for you.
    Don’t get me wrong air rifles are are awesome.
    I have WebleyTempest that I use for spruce grouse and rabbits (snowshoe
    hares) when hunting moose works very well.
    Nice shooting.

  9. Always enjoy the calm commentary and excellent video work. I believe grey
    squirrels have devastated UK birdlife. I am amazed how big the population
    is. I have got myself kitted out to take on my garden grey squirrel
    population and also joining a local gun club for training. Keep up the good
    work! :)

  10. Saw the part about the robin, thought you were going to shoot it; was about
    to think you were a bastard, but then you left it. It’s all good xD