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  1. After filming this, I realized that the wide angle lens and position of the
    camera make the car look TINY! I assure you, the car is pretty normal size,
    it is NOT smaller than my lawn tractor!

  2. Please keep adding more videos of your project Ben, I really enjoy them.
    Nice car if you can get it to run.. Good luck my friend!, keep us posted.

  3. Buy some Flitz, it removes the rust and cleans metals such as your copper
    wires connectors and such. Its hard to get water out of foam, but you want
    it out because that extra water weight will be bad for a EV. Try taking a
    wet vac to the foam to suck the water out. Or pour rubbing alcohol on them,
    it will remove the water and it evaporates quickly. Keep the vids coming
    this is good stuff!

  4. It occurs to me that although your traction batteries were most likely
    totally discharged during the flood, you ought to take extreme precautions.
    There are a number of instances of professionally trained Toyota (for
    example) mechanics who were killed by the Prius battery that they were
    working on. Isn’t it possible (not probable) that Mitsubishi may have a
    system that isolates the battery pack to protect passengers in a flood?
    Please be excruciatingly careful.

  5. I wouldn’t try it, I’d disconnect the battery right away, but have you
    tried turning it on? First step has to be to unbolt the battery block down
    out of the car. well, after you try to measure the pack voltage somewhere
    else. I don’t understand why you are not checking the battery voltage as
    the first thing

  6. I would be interested in the inverter only, even if it’s dead if you ever
    decide to part. First thing first, disconnect the traction battery and try
    to turn on the car.

  7. You should get in touch with the guys at “evtv.me”. I’m sure they would be
    really interested to hear about your project and could probably help you if
    you hit a snag.

  8. I love seeing you back in the EV stuff. It’s been a while since the Metro
    when I started watching you because of the Instructable.

  9. The mitsubishi’s battery is only a few inches thick, and runs under the
    whole car. There wouldn’t be any way to fit the Metros big group 31
    batteries in there.

  10. I know this sounds crazy. You should take the unit outside and hose
    everything you think got wet with fresh water. You must get rid of as much
    the salt as you can. In the Navy, when an aircraft gets doused with sea
    water the procedure is to strip all electrical components and dip them in
    garbage cans filled with fresh water. Since it’s been several months I dont
    know if it can saved.