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  1. This message is true and is for the whole world to hear. Jesus Christ is
    real and died for us. Joseph Smith was a prophet just as Thomas S. Monson
    is a prophet today.

  2. Everytime I watch these kind of presentations, my mind opens that I can
    aswer every question in it about the gospel. Thank you.

  3. this is a really good video, but i want to give you a tip to reach more
    viewers. if you add more tags to it like “mormon, morman, joseph smith”
    (pretty much anything that even remotely relates to the Church) it will
    show up in more people’s searches. Thanks for this amazing channel!

  4. I know that this event happened because when I was 16, I knelt and prayed
    and asked if the Book of Mormon was as true as the Bible and if Joseph
    Smith had seen Heavenly Father and Jesus Christ. A feeling of peace and
    warmth came over me and confirmed to me that it was true.

  5. he doesnt give to just mormons. he invites all men everywhere to know the
    knowledge of the gospel. you just have to be willing to accept and learn of
    his word

  6. This is the official church of Jesus Christ. Come and be saved for there is
    no other way nor name given under heaven whereby man may be saved. Only in
    and through the name of Jesus Christ with the proper authority that NO
    OTHER church has. This is true I bare testimony.

  7. Noah had the right answer to his times. Moses had the right answer for the
    Hebrews in Egypt. Jesus had the right answers – the fulness of the His
    gospel. Prophets today are called by Jesus (Acts 3:19-21) to restore that
    fulness. In any age, the ‘right’ answers have come to prophets from God –
    the message is open to all those who ‘have ears to hear, eyes to see, and
    hearts to follow.’

  8. Indeed my heart if filled with joy that I was one of the priveledged few to
    be able to recieve the true gospel of Jesus in this life. How grateful I am
    for the Bible and the Book of Mormon to lead me to Jesus the Christ. Pleas
    do as he says and humbly kneel and ask your Father in Heaven if this Gospel
    is true… It will be the best thing you’ve ever done !

  9. @blckchrysda your emotions are one step in gaining knowledge. Then what you
    learn and feel must be backed up by what you experience. Only through this
    way is knowledge gained and confirmed, through the Spirit. Doubt is
    replaced by surety. Something you cannot deny. Not everyone wants to or is
    ready to take that journey, but eventually everyone gets off teh fence and
    searches it out for themselves.

  10. I agree the Gospel is here in its fullness and is true and Joseph Smith was
    good and honorable and Christ is at this center.

  11. I truly believe that Joseph Smith saw God and his beloved son Jesus Christ
    on that day, i never doubted it ever. We are truly blessed to have open
    hearts and contrite spirits which allows us to know the gospel. Thank you
    Lord for choosing me to be a servant.

  12. These Mormon Message videos are great. I like how he re-emphasizes the name
    our Lord and Saviour Jesus Christ in the end of this video. These last 4
    years ive harshly criticized the LDS church calling it a non Christian cult
    persecuteing its members and pridefully starting debates with them…

  13. My personal knowledge of the truth of this message, has come from actually
    reading the Book of Mormon and putting it to the test. God requires trust
    in His formula, before we receive a witness from Him (the only source for
    all answers in this answerless world).

    Faith. (consider that God will let you know if it’s true)
    Obedience. (read the Book of Mormon)
    Pray and Ask God. (He will let you know through the undeniable, sweet,
    peaceful, sure, confirmation of His comforting Spirit)

    I have a testimony built on God’s intimate witness to me as an individual.
    What is known by the knowledge and wisdom of men, can be torn down by the
    knowledge an wisdom of men. But, what comes from God, truly, “the gates of
    hell shall not previal against it.”


  14. Elder Perry is truly inspired. Hebrews 11:1 says that faith is the
    substance of things hoped for, the evidence of things not seen – few people
    saw the restoration for themselves, but we can know for ourself that it is
    true. Heavenly Father would not want it to pass by our knowledge. From
    this event, great miracles have happened. Millions have been converted
    (myself included) to the true Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints.
    Visit http://www.lds.org and search by the spirit to know for yourself.

  15. I am so blessed! To receive a wonderful testimony about Jesus the Christ
    and his true church which allows all of us to know and understand the
    reason we here on this beautiful earth most importantly that we here to be
    tested and try –> the greatest example I learn from this schooling that
    God the Father and Jesus Christ still loves all of us! His willing to help
    us in our trials in this beautiful earth that we all maybe safe!! I
    testifies that this is -> D only true church of Jesus Christ God bless!