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  1. way to go squirrel hunter another awesome video I can believe the squirrel
    just doesn’t realize he’s being shot I buy a beretta cx4 storm co2, I
    expend $350 American dollars, but when is windy the accuracy socks in 20
    yards, I hit everywere exept the bullseye, and when the conditions are
    calm,is no very accurate but it is, so yea im just waste that money,and for
    you congratulations buddy keep it up (sorry for my english)

  2. Out of curiosity, have you noticed if your and others efforts to curb
    greys has resulted in a decline in the population or does the grey
    population continue to grow?

  3. Your doing a great job lately thinning out the squirrel population in that
    neck of the woods. Way to keep steady aim with that “ferocious” barking
    squirrel sounding off. :)

  4. ‘Nature’ ( aka flies) would not take long to reduce those bodies to bones.
    Good shooting there again….Do you even try your hand at pigeons and
    other vermin birds, like Corvids & Crows etc.?

  5. I found out if you shot them in the neck they will die instantly without
    nerves kicking after that!

  6. Thanks again for another great video! I’ve taken a total of 50 in my
    backyard within the last 8 months and you have been a part of my

  7. Excellent shooting SH! How long was that session and what is your personal
    best in terms of confirmed kills? Keep up the great work.

  8. It’s a shame your reds can be killed by a disease the greys carry. The
    little red guys are cute. Just keep shooting and I’ll cheer you on. T 

  9. I really enjoy your videos. I appreciate that you make quick, humane kill
    shots. Vermin or not, nothing deserves to suffer. Some folks don’t fully
    understand that the twitching, kicking, and “helicopter tail” are just the
    signs of a short-circuited nervous system shutting down. Thanks again for
    the videos.

  10. That’s a lot of them in just a few hours. You should give me the
    squirrels so I can make you a delicious soup with them.