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  1. Hellow!!!!
    I HAVE AN ANNOUNCEMENT TO MAKE that will explain all my disappearance!!!!
    (yes caps was necessary for that bit but not the other, thank you for

    ¤¤¤Warning a very long read ahead if you no fan of long readings… Please
    do it anyway you lazy bastard¤¤¤

    So my friends and minions, you might have noticed my long absent and there
    are a good reason for that 😀 At first I was on a vacation but that is
    soon over… I think, I can’t find my way home… We see what happens…
    But anyway, the reason I’m not going to be as active as before is simply
    because I have gotten married!!! 😀 So I don’t have as much time as before,
    I hope you can live with that… I will still trying to be here as often as
    I can, but probably not as much sadly :( I miss you guys, but you now life
    got in the way, 😀

    By the way, I’m dead serious about this, I’m so happy 😀 and you guys
    could always send my a notification (or something to let my know what I
    missed to comment, if you want and so we can live on ^^)

    and at last the obvious that everyone have waited for:
    ca… I meant pancakes!!!! 

  2. just find another way to make videos on this mother freaking game or i’ll
    murder you rage(not literally,but metaphorically)

  3. Rage get the hitler DLC you straight up kill hitler (also he has one
    testicle unless its the imposter)

  4. Over in 8 episodes? That’s ridiculous. Under 5 hours of gameplay in a full
    retail title is ridiculous. Let’s hope the multiplayer redeems it somehow.

  5. Wow, this whole series only lasted 8 episodes. No more Rage the stealth
    master Tank sniper. That’s too bad. A bit disappointing that it was so
    short but I guess games like this never have the longest campaigns.