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  1. awwwwwww you miss the first one, but is ok the rest wasn’t that lucky, and
    about what you told me in you last video, i have to be on the ball
    sometimes, and i did it i was in my back yard waiting and waiting and
    waiting until i saw a huge squirrel in the tree, i shoot it with my spring
    daisy air rifle between the eye and ear, that was awesome, i don’t know how
    explain that feeling it’s almost like if i kill a wild turkey or black tail
    deer, i never had this experience killing small games and let me told you
    something, that was a fantastic experience buddy thanks for the tip i’
    really, really appreciate you recommendation buddy THANKS

  2. Another great instalment to my favourites list. Really good commentary from
    yourself. Is SQUACKING a known word? Or just SH speak? Love the description
    of squirrels barking either way. Good shooting from bro,big thumbs up from
    me& a like as per usual. THANKYOU for all you’re hard work. 

  3. no matter how many times you tell people that the animal is dead and its
    just the nerves firing off, people still think the animal is suffering.

  4. Not much to say about this one, dead pests all around. Slightly sad that
    Bro couldn’t get the corpse count at night or more than one squirrel later,
    that barking one was *begging* for a freehand.

    You said that was the last squirrel of the year. Am I to assume you’ll only
    come back to focusing on them come springtime, and will aim more on rats
    and rabbits now that nights are getting longer?