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  1. The joke is based on many case studies of Canadaian scientists not being
    allowed to talk to media regarding their research due to changes the Harper
    government has made. Nature, one of the largerst scientific journals, has
    recently released an article telling the Canadian government to stop
    “muzzling its scientists.”

  2. Way to go Rick!!! The recent AAAS Annual Meeting in Vancouver featured an
    excellent symposium with Andrew Weaver, Margaret Munro and a representative
    from the Union of Concerned Scientists. The new NOAA Scientific Integrity
    Policy and the consultation process around its development provide an
    excellent model of how things could be.

  3. @alexgarmo: It’s a JOKE for crying out loud. It doesn’t “help to make
    people” think anything about what scientists do. It’s to make people think
    about the Harperites muzzling of scientists.

  4. Thats why they showed multiple different scientific fields: “food
    inspection, environmental, fisheries and ocean & many more!” dumb.