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  1. Its good mate watching that as I can not go to sleep lol but good going on
    the squirrels there and have u done a vid on about cooking a good home made
    curry or pie 

  2. Well done SH another enjoyable video to watch with my latte at Cafe Nero!
    Your video quality seems to be getting better including the sound. Sat here
    with my iPad and some Adidas ear phones watching it, at times I thought I
    was watching a BBC wild life production! The bird song was amazing, what a
    wonderful place to sit and watch the world go by? 

  3. Hi Guys, As always a very clear video, boy those boyscouts must be about 20
    stone now with all those squirrels you keep feeding them

  4. Nice video again mate….no peanuts? You sure you did’nt eat them all
    before you arrived in the woods.!!
    keep up the good work,
    Atb, paul.

  5. Another great video.
    The safety warning was a good touch for any of your younger viewers .
    Just wondering have you noticed a large increase in the rat population on
    you permissions because here in Norfolk I have been trapping and shooting
    them in bigger numbers than ever ?.
    Great sport but the increase is puzzling do you think maybe its because of
    the mild winter ?

  6. Awesome job! You don’t need those peanuts to go kill sum squirrels because
    your just that good! Haha. Great video man keep up the vids ;-)

  7. great shooting there fella , going to get my daughter to make me a magpie
    good luck charm as I’m not having too much luck with them. seems to work
    for you .

  8. Another good vid fantastic vid quality and nice to see you eat what you
    shoot keep it up looking forward to your ratting vids. But please dont eat
    them ok rat burgers are for Stallone movies only. :)
    Steve Bristol

  9. This video was great and as always nice clean shots loved the headshot
    blood just trickled down the tree I wish I could do that here in Canada but
    I probably would need a license 

  10. I particularly enjoyed the accuracy of your shots. There are quite a number
    of squirrels in this community. Wish I could just start shooting them dead.
    Cheers mate! Great video

  11. I was wondering how you dispose of the little bodies? I want to reduce the
    population in my garden but I am a little worried I will get into trouble
    if I put a bag of 6 squirrels in the normal waste bin.

  12. Interesting video, very enjoyable. Looks like a gorgeous bit of woodland
    too. Do you eat the squirrels? I’ve heard they’re rather good but not got
    round to trying them.

  13. Well done really enjoyed this one. Here the use of a feeder will get you a
    rather large fine and you lose all your kit. But if you stop feeding and
    all the food is gone 10 days before then you are good to go. Might have to
    try that for the spring season here.