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  1. I don’t understand how they can update one thing and ignore the rest of the
    content that it’s a part of. They’ve been doing this a lot lately and
    overall just looks very unprofessional. They should either give it a
    complete face-lift or just ignore it and work on something entirely new

  2. I hate how everything they update looks pretty much the same. There’s
    nothing really unique that stands out from other place’s graphics. All the
    walls look the same etc..
    Also I’m not one of those that complain about every update. I support Jagex
    and I like EoC etc.. However, I don’t play anymore but this was just a
    thought that’s been bothering me. They should also rework the monsters if
    they rework the area graphics but I’m sure they have their reasons not to
    do so.

  3. So, in the update description Jagex said you get commendation points for
    killing monsters as well, but this is totally not true. Just the 4 point
    per game for winning :O