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  1. I am not shooting any bird, but the bad one which population is very huge
    and killing any chance for songbirds to recover. Magpies, Crows and Jay’s
    are dominating over here.

  2. The rifle is 50 joules that’s why jumps more. If I decrease the power will
    be more calm :-) Also the magnification of the scope is x32 + magnification
    of the camera + slow motion makes things look worse. Magpies are killing a
    lot of songbirds – here we have 0 songbirds and tons of magpies… Clean
    them before is too late.

  3. ok.At summertime and fall there’s seagals and jackdaws at this farm too,but
    it’s illegal to kill them unless you got a special license from provincial
    government or police.I’m not sure which.And they are not easy to get..Lots
    of paperwork and stuff like that.And they do the same damage than magpies.

  4. I’d woul’d like to take ride of a black bird called ZANATES here in
    Central America.They too eat the eggs of other bird and even their
    siblings.I know its kind of Birdocide but there’s a lot of fruit tree
    around here were they can feed,we are sorrounded with mountains with
    tropical rainforest.And not kill others generation and right to procreate

  5. Very good job!
    Could you please give me your opinion about the evanix s10 blizzard.
    I am very interested in buying one!
    Thank you!