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  1. @ThatGuyE265 Amen to rocket launchers! lol.. Funny thing, mine took less
    effort. I blew up the bodyguards in the second car at the gas station. Then
    later caught up to the first car who happened to get in an accident on the
    freeway and was turned over on the side. I pulled over and blew that car up
    with the launcher too! lol.. No waste of energy or ammunition though I got
    lucky with that car getting in an accident…lol..

  2. @SuperRehank I’m pretty sure you gain access to the rocket launcher after
    you completed Babysitter which is given to you by Derreck McQueary.

  3. @RealNoLife ray was a good a to me he found bernie crane and give me a
    house in alderney city fuck phil bell

  4. Tip for everyone:A rocket launcher can be seen at the sunked giant ship at
    the Acter Industrial Park at one of the cargos.

  5. Can somone help? I finished the “To live and die in alderney” mission but
    the J symbol never came up on my map. And Pegorino won’t call me. How do I
    trigger the mission?

  6. I waited til they got to the bottom of the hill, stopped at a red light and
    unloaded on them with the M4A1. Mission passed.

  7. Fuck this mission three times I blew up both his and his bodyguards car up
    with an rpg and each of those three times he just got back up. hate this