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  1. @humanity6fl9 The flooding was more severe a year ago. It flooded 4 feet
    deep in this area and cars floated and were ruined. Water also flooded the
    basement of this house. I don’t know if they repaired the problem, but the
    owner is glad he has my number now.

  2. I used to set up three different pumps to pump out the water from a flooded
    basement. After I modified the pumps, I usually only need one sump pump to
    pump out the flood water. Also using extraction hose to keep the hose from
    kinking, works very well, you get the full flow out of the pump, speeding
    water removal. Thank You for the comment. Clay

  3. The ready 4 Pump, pumps about 60 gallons/ min, The larger flygt pump, pumps
    about 130 gallons/min. When you are pumping out flooded basements having a
    good pump makes a big difference, but having a really good hose on your
    pump helps a lot. For more information on how to pump out a flooded
    basement, watch “How To Pump Out a Flooded Basement #1, #2, #3, #4”. Hope
    this helps. Clay, AAA Flood Drying

  4. Hello, coukd these be used for fire fighting applications do you think? For
    example drop in a pool and leave duri a wild fire evacuation/threatened
    home? Thank you

  5. These pumps put out about 35 psi, That would be pretty good and might be
    enough pressure. They definitely put out good volume. But if the power gets
    cut they will not work. You might check out a gasoline driven pump that
    will not rely on electric power. The larger pump in the video works very
    well. New it is ~ $2,000.00, Ebay used ~ $300.00. A gasoline pump will be a
    lot less.